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Last months plays were very successful



"A very powerful play"
Angus Stickler, Reporter BBC Today & Newsnight.
See tinyurl.com/4zyq7y

"Josephs does a good job of interpolating the modern charactersí interrogations with the pastís ghosts acting out the events. Burns bounces from evil nurse to guilty conscience with ease"



"A more upbeat second work, Heather Johnstonís Celebritney is more of a drama than the comedy the RZ was hoping for, and yet it still works. It manages to stay amusing throughout."

    First Draft is a vibrant theatre company dedicated to producing cutting edge theatre: two new, short pieces of new writing every other month.

    Each new piece is based on some current event, either political, social or personal, and is tailor made for the cast involved in each piece by the writer, using ideas generated by the cast and director: we do not usually produce pre-conceived scripts.


    The emphasis within the company is on exposure: exposure of writers, directors and actors. What we expose is talent, the talent of those people who previously sat at home going, "I just want to be acting!", "I just want to write something that will actually be performed!", "I just want to direct something new, but where do I start?" and allow them to write, direct, act. At First Draft we work hard to put the right people in touch with the right people, giving them performance space, some publicity and then seeing what happens.



    Other past shows currently being developed further include Olympia, (February 2008)Thick Blood, Loose Lives (February 2007) and A Degree of Compulsion (November 2006). A full-length production of A Public Kind of Privacy (first produced in July 2006)was staged at the White Bear in July 2007. In addition If I Were a Carpenter was produced at the Pentameters Theatre in October 2007, and a full-length production of The Better Deal (July 2007) was staged in November 2007.

    To find out more about any particular aspect of the company, just click on the links above.

    We are pleased to be joined by Grace Parry-Davies as our new company stage manager.

    First Draft is grateful to the following for their kind donation of rehearsal space:

    The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, Westminster, London. SW1P 3BU, Tel:  020 7222 0303. "To promote the well-being of those living and working in South Westminster by providing health, life-long learning, and capacity building/enterprise services from a community hub"

    Ye Olde Cock Tavern, 22 fleet Street, London. EC4Y 1AA. Tel: 020 7353 8570.

    The Roebuck Pub, 50 Dover Street, Borough. London. SE1 4YG. Tel: 020 7357 7324. Party bookings welcome (and free). Function Room available for parties & events, live music nights & Unique Pub Quiz.


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