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15th, 16th and 17th April 2007


3 Women, 2 Chairs . . . . and 1 MP

Written by: Frank Bramwell

Directed by: Arnaud Mugglestone

Cast: Julia Main, Alison Bennett, Claire Louise Oliver


Three women, who do not know each other, talking together whilst waiting for their MP to arrive. Why are these women here, what do they want from the MP, why do they seem so on edge? The circumstances persist, until the very end . . . .




Written by: Jason Charles

Directed by: Kirrie Wratten

Cast: Ali Lane, Jayne Tarbuck, Graeme Stirling, Matt Rix


Christina has two other people living inside her mind, one male and one female, Chris and Tina. Chris wants Christina to be the devout church going follower of the gospels that her father raised her up to be before he died. Tina wants Christina to follow her heart and base urges; to gain her salvation through the men who live around the estate. As Christina desperately grips onto the last of her sanity amongst the squalid clutter of her South London council flat, Chris and Tina fight it out for control of the woman's faculties, trying to force her into their own way of thinking, and into their own clothes...



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