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22nd - 27th April 2008


by Heather O'Shea

Directed by James Farrell

Cast: Jane Wareham, Katherine Gibbons and Alex Willmott

"Communication had evolved: information is passed freely and in a myriad differing ways. The way secrets are kept remains the same. Two sisters try to unravel the circumstances of George Ferraby’s death. Was he a soldier? A policeman? Or a spy? Through different eras of history and opposing interactions the women encounter times of communication overload and drought, but are undeterred in their search for the truth which takes them from 1810 to 2010. "

Ball of Light

by Dominic Mitchell

Directed by Ruth Brock

Cast: Andrew Cleaver, Maxine Howard, Lucy Joannides, Natalie Knill, Kate McCann, Rachel Turner

Lily doesn’t want to go to her five year old party. That’s understandable, seeing as she’s eighteen years old. She can’t see the ball of light either and this spells dire consequences for her if her acting tutors ever find out, so she’s decided to flee drama school once and for all. She arrives at her Auntie Wendy and Uncle Peter’s house in the middle of the night stinking of petrol. Something bad has happened. Wendy doesn’t need this crisis at the moment, especially when her husband’s getting hunger pains for his long lost idyllic childhood and there’s strangers knocking on the door demanding to play pass the parcel.