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20th, 21st and 22nd August 2006

Tequila Mocking Birds (A Tale of Heaven, Hell and Tequila)

Writer - Sophie Olivia
Director - Adam Piercy

Two birds, one bloke, lots of tequila. Little devils, Amanda and Debbie, and little angel, Kevin, are childhood friends but what happens when crushes and puppy love are replaced with tequila and tortured souls? Hell on earth?

"Gentlemen and boys, Ladies and girls, Trannys and Traceys, Queers and Quakers, Muscle Marys and Madams, Chavs and Charlies, welcome.."

Get your lemon and salt ready! It's time to take a journey to a better place. And remember...if your name's not down, you're not coming in.

  • Cast:
  • Matt Sheahan
  • Kate Parker-Frost
  • Debra Suming


Writer Michael Ayers
Director Dimitri Dimitrov

The world of the digital generation & its perversity: 4 characters become entangled in a digital, sexual web of deceit.

  • Cast:
  • Leah Grayson
  • Kate Willoughby
  • Natasha Campbell
  • Peter Tilly