Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you set up First Draft?
I had some friends who were actors. They just wanted to be acting, but casting directors and/or potential agents wanted them to see them in a production before they would consider them for workÖ but they werenít in work. And so they werenít being considered for work. And so they werenít in work. So they still werenít actingÖ I had some friends who were directors. They werenít directing. The contacts, know-how or financial backing werenít in place for their show. But if you donít have a show in production, you canít show your work. If you canít show your work, how can you work? I had some friends who were writers. They just wanted to write knowing their work would be performed instead of sitting on the shelf for three years. I thought lets get them all together. Letís create some theatre.

Who set up First Draft?
Suzy Enoch

February 2006

What? A double bill of new writing every month, inspired by events of that month. Each play has a separate writer, director and cast. See our First Draft Shows section for more info

On the 3rd Sunday, Monday, Tuesday of the month. Shows normally start at 7pm or 7:30pm See Shows or Venue section for more info

Who is involved?

The number keeps growing.
Currently over 70 actors, directors and writers. See the Writers, Directors and Actors sections for details of who has worked with us. The plays are seen by about 125 people each month and our audience base is growing.

What is your artistic policy?
Letís create some new theatre with some talented writers, directors and actors (see Process for more info)

What about money?
Ticket sales cover the cost of venue hire/publicity and on-going costs of running the company. Each show has a zero or micro budget. (We do not normally spend money on set or props.)
Does anyone get paid for their work? No. Unfortunately we are not able to. We are unfunded. The company is about creating theatre and working with people to make it happen.
Any donations for future development gratefully received. Could your company donate something in kind? Please see our Sponsorship section.
We are also always looking to add to our pool of unused spaces which we can rehearse in for free - please get in touch if you have a unused space available in London daytimes, evenings, or weekends. Thank you!

How Do I get involved?

  • Email
  • We hold auditions every few months
  • We read new scripts to identify new writers*
  • We meet new directors
  • We are always looking for help re. stage management
  • Any other help always appreciated Ė let us know
  • Come see our plays and spread the word!
*Please note that we do not usually produce pre-written scripts. Instead, each First Draft play begins with a brainstorming session with writer, director and cast about one month before it will first be performed.

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