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18th, 19th and 20th February 2007


by Sean Tyler

Directed by David Trevaskis

Cast: Oliver Scofield, Vicky Virgo, Sue Broberg, Shaun Nethercott

"If anyone knows anything regarding the whereabouts of my son, even the smallest piece of information, I beg you, please come forward to the police. He's just a young innocent boy. I would do anything to have him back with me."

Ramblin' Man

by William Drew

Directed by Roland Smith

Cast: Suzanne Goldberg, Mark Kavanagh, Gill Stoker

In the past, even the longest storms would have subsided by now. On the Scottish coast, an Irish sailor hasn't drowned. Rather, he has washed ashore and knocks on the door of the first house he finds, hoping that it is friendly. Inside, a mother and her daughter are quietly living in the absence of the father and his son. Weeks later, the storm still rages.

Thick Blood, Loose Love

by Rea Johnston

Directed by Anna Lindgren

Cast: Ali Lane, Jayne Tarbuck, Rea Johnston

Thick Blood, Loose Love explores the relationship between three sisters, focusing on their reactions to revelations about their mother's past that they never knew. This is a sensitive piece detailing the challenges facing the family. Will sisterly love prevail in a crisis?

A full-length version of Thick Blood, Loose Love is currently in development.