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21st, 22nd and 23rd January 2007

Upon Julia's Breasts

Written by Jack Williams

Directed by Lucy Van Den Heede

Cast - Daisy Aitkens, Emily Murphy, Graeme Stirling

Jessica and Chris have the 'perfect' relationship. But their best friend has a new best friend, and Jessica isn't happy. Kate reminds her of a past she wants to forget, and challenges the nature of her relationship with Julia. She's her best friend, isn't she? Worst of all, Kate refuses to be put in her place and the elusive hostess Julia still hasn't turned up. As she strives to prove her dominance, Jessica discovers that nothing is as quite as wonderful as it seems. An exploration of friendship, love and the dynamics of a stuttering relationship. Comedy at its most vicious.

As It Seems

Written by Heather Johnston

Directed by Tom King

Cast - Lianne Curtis, Paul Downey, Natalie Louka, Hayley Morson

An apparently ordinary day in the office for the girls. Whiling away their working hours bitching and debating who will make the tea.  Under pressure from those 'upstairs' to push the limits of their processing rate and faced by an ever more insistent ticking clock, their suspicions of the Organisation and each other grow.  The arrival of Ozzy turns their world upside down. Who is he? Who sent him? Their routine is rattled and things might never be the same again. Is anything as it seems?

Finding Isaac

Written and directed by Steve Hubbard

Cast - Sue Broberg, Tamara Gatward (now Tamara Lucas), Shaun Nethercott

In a remote institution where people go, or are sent, to 'find themselves' there's a lack of space. Solomon is forced to share his room with a mysterious woman and the enigmatic Nurse won't take "No" for an answer. As Solomon and Melanie try to find a way to live together they all have one question: Where is Isaac and how can he be persuaded to show his face?