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16th, 17th and 18th July 2006

Single Fare to Zurich

Writer - James Woolf
Director - Joe Austin

Single Fare to Zurich takes place in the block of flats used a charity that with a very special and personal function. SPENCER is a client, JESSICA his caseworker. However, this is still a block of flats and many other ordinary people still live there. How do they deal with these strange comings and goings?

Single Fare to Zurich is a sensitive piece which deals with sensitive issues. Are any of the decisions we make truly private and how can the view of strangers affect our view of ourselves?

  • Cast:
  • Shaun Nethercott
  • Jayne Tarbuck
  • Nikki Brown
  • Charley Delaney

A Public Kind of Privacy

Writer – Dougie Blaxland
Director – Ariella Eshed

Inspired by recent revelations of political sleaze at the highest level, A Public Kind of Privacy explores a rising politician's battle with her conscience and her former life.

Naively believing that she can “make a difference on the inside”, she accepts ministerial office within an administration which is morally bankrupt and near to collapse. What she discovers is a secretive and sinister world which places protocol and procedure before truth and ideology. She also comes to realise that strings have been pulled to get her where she is.

  • Cast:
  • Sarah Pemberton
  • Caroline Duffy
  • Rea Johnston
  • David Trevaskis

A full-length version of A Public Kind of Privacy is to be staged at The White Bear Theatre London from 10th to 29th July 2007, following its opening at The Marlborough Theatre Brighton in May and a tour of the West Country in June. The play was developed as a full length production with the support of an Arts Council grant. For full details of the tour, please click here.