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15, 16 and 17 July 2007

Life Support

by Anna Jordan

Directed by Hugh Allison

Cast: Naomi Campbell, Eloise Dale, Linda Large, Maxine Howard

"When Daddy comes home you can visit more. You can join in. You really do get used to it. At first it's a shock, but after a while, it's a bit like looking after a child. A baby. And that - well - that can be fun. Can't it girls?"

A hospital waiting room. One sick father. Four anxious daughters. It's been two years since Roxanne has been home to visit, and so much has changed. Or has it? With this unplanned reunion come accusations, recriminations, secrets from the family's past and decisions to be made for the family's future: Who should care for their father? And how? Is being a full-time carer the ultimate sacrifice, or a way to escape from real life? Life Support is a play about guilt, love, loss, and sisters.

The Better Deal

by Chris Brandon

Directed by Linda Campbell

Cast: Georgiana James, Keeley Lawrence, Natalie Louka, Rosie Mainwaring, Kathryn Redwood, Rachel Sternberg

New girl Bella joins her five colleagues as they prepare for another night of work. When Bella is threatened, the women's reactions reveal their concerns about their lives, their frank opinions about those around them and the anxiety that develops when they believe their own security is in doubt. 

Here's Tommy

by Zia Trench

Directed by Poppy Burton-Morgan

Cast: Mandy Dassa, Abigail Lumb, Matthew Trevannion

"If you know about Tommy Price, you'll know he doesn't leave his green."
Tommy Price has spent six years protesting in Parliament Square, the government have spent six years trying to get rid of him - and this time it looks like the government is winning. But Tommy won't go back to his wife and family - he won't give up his right to speak out, his right to speak. Here's Tommy looks at the man behind the protest and how battles fought for liberty can cost a man his wife, his home & his sanity.


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Tickets cost £7.50 (or £6.50 concessions)

Tickets for the Kings Head can also be purchased in advance from the King's Head box office: Tel. 020 7226 1916 or

10 - 28 July 2007

A full-length version of A Public Kind of Privacy (first produced in July 2006), is to be staged at The White Bear Theatre London from 10th to 28th July 2007, following its opening at The Marlborough Theatre Brighton in May and a tour of the West Country in June.

A Public Kind of Privacy

by Dougie Blaxland

Directed by Ariella Eshed

Cast: Caroline Duffy, Rea Johnston, Sarah Pemberton, David Trevaskis

Set in a shadowy and sinister political landscape with obvious parallels to Orwell's 1984 , A Public Kind of Privacy explores the theme of institutional corruption in a most original way.

The mainspring for this compelling drama is the meteoric rise of a young politician to high office. Her promotion, however, has less to do with her ability than with a fashionable preference for novelty and fresh faces. From the outset she grapples with the all-pervasive influence of “Himself”, an unseen political leader and puppet master who seeks to control everything within his crumbling administration as if by “remote”.

Venue: The White Bear Theatre, Kennington

Box Office Tel.: 020 7793 9193
Dates: 10th -28th July
Times: Tuesday to Saturday 7.30pm (Matinee performances at 4.00pm on Sundays 15th & 22nd)
Tickets: £12 / £8 Concs
Press Night: Thursday 12th July

"A mercilessly perceptive and alarmingly relevant dissection of the compromises made in the name of politics, Dougie Blaxland’s excellent play is done great justice by the performance of the First Draft cast. Following the various moral dilemmas - both professional and personal - of a young and promising government minister, the play considers the struggle public figures face to retain integrity despite their own ambition and in face of pressure from their party and voters. Although all parts were well-acted and convincing, special mention must go to Rea Johnston for her utterly absorbing and memorable performance as the voice for passion and honesty amongst all the spin and image engineering. Overall, an engaging and impressive show." Review in Three Weeks e-daily June 2007

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