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18th, 19th, 20th June 2006

Hide the Front Page! by Francis Beckett

In a world where we need a new and different sensation every day, and when we have had philandering male cabinet ministers and gay male cabinet ministers, we must soon have a philandering female cabinet minister. The public demands it. Hide the Front Page! is about what will happen when she emerges, and the level of sisterly solidarity she can expect from other women in politics and journalism. Nicola McDonald PC MP looks like a success story: a young Cabinet minister, able, attractive, superficial, fluent, faultlessly Blairite and tipped for the top. And she thinks no-one knows about Stephen Harling...

Directed by Joanna Turner


Ali Lane - Flavia, a journalist
Clareine Cronin - Rt Hon. Nicola McDonald, PC MP
Claire Louise Oliver - Miranda, editor of The Daily Trumpet
Katy Balfour - Sally, the Chief Whip
Caroline Langston - Dr Patricia Marks
Peter Rae - Stephen Harling

Since My Last Confession by Yasmine van Wilt

Woollen pants, cold pools, and alarms for breaches of conscience! Since My Last Confession is a play about the three things you should never bring up at the dinner table with elderly relatives: religion, sex, and sex with the religious. It is a dark coming-of-age comedy. When protagonist Father Alistair is confronted with his old flame, does he give into temptation or keep up his guard? The play follows the lives of three friends who have grown up together, becoming separated and then reunited. Two became priests and the third is looking for a father. Tensions rise as secret relationships are revealed. Anti-repression and pro-progression, this play is about forgiveness, love, attraction and conscience.

Directed by Peter Barton


Rachael Black - Anna
Shaun Nethercott - Father Alistair
Adam Piercy - Colin
Geoff White - Chris