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25th - 30th March 2008

Legends of the Tube

by Heather Johnston

Directed by Sian Thomas

Cast: Devon Dudgeon, Gemma Layton, Penelope Peters, Jodie Raven, Catherine Rowntree, Tim Wyatt

"Every day's the same: the horrors of getting home on the Tube journey from Hell. Except that tonight, Kath, Debs, Jack and Jenny face a rather different journey, into a different kind of horror. Will Kath and Debs get to their karaoke night? Can Jenny get to grips with the Da Vinci Code - and will Jack tell her how he feels? And what on earth is the Nun all about? "

Now I Wonder What You Are

by Sean Tyler

Directed by Francesca Seeley

Cast: Ruth James, Aisha Karr, Nigel Mattison, Catherine Rowney

Everyone has read stories of the rich and famous... has see glossy pictures in Hello and OK... But what if that was the only way to find out what yours son was up to, what your twin sister was doing now? What if they had gone in search of fame? Would you ever have the chance to reconnect with them? Or are they lost forever, their heads in the clouds and their minds in the stars?