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19th, 20th and 21st November 2006


by James Woolf
Directed by Vic Sivalingam

A company is looking for a new website.  A large contract is in the balance.  But what kind of tactics are being employed by the organisations involved?  And can the main players keep their personal lives separate from the business in hand?


A Degree of Compulsion

by Dougie Blaxland

Directed by Hannah Price


Conveyor belt degrees, graduate unemployment, the pressure to succeed...  Expectations collide with reality and individual achievement with mass education... A Degree of Compulsion explores the culture of pressure in schools, family and government, and its devastating effect on individuality, self esteem, and ultimately, mental health.


Immoral Acts

Written and directed by  Kurban Kassam

(based on the original stage play by John Stanley)

As infringements of Civil Liberty fill our daily media, Immoral Acts looks back to Victorian campaigner, Josephine Butler's struggle against the draconian Contagious Diseases Acts and forward to a not too distant future where the Government might once again use issues of Public Health to control and cleanse its people.



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