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17th, 18th and 19th September 2006

Tough Luck

Writer - Steve Hubbard
Director - Roland Smith

"There's blood on your shoes sweetheart. You should get that off or it’ll stain"

There are a lot of ways you can win at the Bingo. You can get a line, or two… Perhaps a full house, if you’re lucky. And then all this money could be yours. But then it’s not about the winning… It’s the taking part that counts. For some of these ladies (and their token male) the bingo is the most excitement they get. You never know who you might bump into at the bingo hall...
Tough Luck is a brutal, absurdist examination of the randomness of experience, the search for justice and the justification of violence. Because you never know when your number may come up.



Director Hugh Allison

Two men and a woman. A story as old as clay given a modern treatment using the language of science.

There's sunshine and lightning, barbecues and high voltage; but the earth rarely moves for this fragile trio.