The Actors
An Actor - somebody who pretends to be somebody else or to feel something so as to impress or deceive.
Definition 2 in Encarta

As a general rule we aim to use no more than six actors in each of our shows. Needless to say, though, the numbers will change depending on the writer, subject, time of year, direction of wind, etc. Bearing this in mind we have a kind of rolling performing company which people opt in and out of according to availability: all the actors are drawn from the large pool of talent that is First Draft itself.

The First Draft Actors

Abigail Lumb Fanny Dulin Lucy Danny Robina Stuart
Adam Piercy Fiona Cuskelly Mandy Dassa Sally Best
Aimi Cree Francis J. Exell Mark Kavanagh Sam Dunham
Alasdair MacEwen Geoff White Mark Landau Sarah Pemberton
Alex Willmott Gemma Layton Martin Coles Sarah Ben Saoud
Ali Lane Georgiana James Matt Jamie Shaun Nethercott
Alison Bennett Graeme Stirling Matt Rix
Sohm Kapila
Andrew Cleaver Graham Hornsby Matt Sheahan Sue Broberg
Atli Gunnarson Hannah MacInnes Matthew Rowland-Roberts Suzanna Walters
Augustina Seymour Hayley Morson Meg Faragher Suzanne Goldberg
Aurelie Koren Helen Millar Megan Hockley Sylvia Seymour
Beatrice Rose Hugh Allison Melissa Woodbridge Tamara Lucas (formerly Gatward)
Cariad Lloyd Jack Barry Gavin Miranda Hennessy Theresa Brunskill
Carrie Cohen James Kleinmann Natalie Louka Vicky Virgo
Caroline Duffy Jane Scott Natasha Campbell Zina Badran
Caroline Langston Jayne Tarbuck Nichola Evans  
Catherine Rowney Julia Main Nicola Russell  
Charles Delaney Jessica Carroll Nikki Brown  
Clareine Cronin Kate Willoughby Nina Hatchwell  
Claire Louise Oliver Kathryn Redwood Ninka Scott  
Daisy Aitkens Katy Balfour Paul Downey  
Daniel Kannber Keeley Lawrence Peter Rae  
Danielle Fenemore Laura Curnick Peter Tilly  
David Trevaskis Laura King Rachel Dale  
Doris Zajer Leah Grayson Rachel Sternberg  
Eleanor Lawrence Leandro d'Andrea Rea Johnston  
Elizabeth Lowe Lianne Curtis Rhiannon Eagles  
Emer O'Connor Libby Liburd Rosie Mainwaring  
Emily Murphy Linda Large    


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