A director - somebody who has control over, and responsibility for, the actual making of a film or television programme, and its artistic and technical content.

The First Draft Directors

  • Hugh Allison  Eclipsed; Life Support
    Joe Austin Single Fare to Zurich
    Peter Barton Since My Last Confession
    Honour Bayes Standing Up
    Matthew Blacklock Operation New Life
    Russell Bolam Zygosity
    Ruth Brock Ball of Light; Thorney Island
    Poppy Burton-Morgan Here's Tommy
    Alice Butler The Crunch
    Linda Campbell The Better Deal
    Dimitar Dimitrov Digital
    Ceyda Erdemli Paper Flesh
    Ariella Eshed A Public Kind of Privacy
    Alastair Evans For Ed
    James Farrell TEMP; Presently
    Matthew Hahn An Act of Twisting
    Anna Holmfeld Postmortem
    Steve Hubbard Finding Isaac
    Maggie Inchley Casting Off
    Dan James Upstaged Right
    Kurban Kassam Immoral Acts
    Sayan Kent Calyx
    Alison King Paper Thin
    Tom King As It Seems
    Ewelina Kolaczek Terrors
    Diana Laurie LD 50; The Recruiting Sergeant
    Biba Lille-West In the Shadows
    Anna Lindgren Thick Blood, Loose Love
    Michael Longhurst A Place in the Sun
    Tim Macavoy The Other Side of Everything
    Lydia Maxwell Watch It Happen
    Sam Miller A Modern Mumming Play
    Arnaud Mugglestone 3 Women ... 2 Chairs... and 1 MP
    Shaun Nethercott Big Brother - Final Destination
    Adam Piercey Tequila Mocking Birds
    Hannah Price A Degree of Compulsion; Getting Scrap Value
    Adam Quayle Underground Resistance
    Francesca Seeley Now I Wonder What You Are
    Vic Sivalingam Please Find Attached
    Roland Smith Tough Luck; Ramblin' Man
    Sian Thomas Legends of the Tube
    David Trevaskis Sheep/Wolf; Vitalski; Absolute Zero
    Joanna Turner Hide the Front Page!
    Hannah Tyrell Pinder Wheel of Fortune
    Lucy Van Den Heede Upon Julia's Breasts
    Ben Webb Less
    David Weinberg Happily Ever After; Olympia
    Kirrie Wratten Rupture
    Daniel York How Low

If you would like to be considered to direct a show please email us your CV and we'll get back to you.

First Draft also considers ideas for special one-offs which are not in keeping with our one-show-a-month policy; so, if you have a fantastic idea for a piece of theatre or event, please email us with the details and we shall (if we like it of course, because as arty types we can be quite picky) endeavour to find like-minded people and provide you with a space and all the necessary paraphernalia to create a masterpiece.


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