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15th, 16th and 21st May 2006

Casting Off

Written by Pete Stephenson
Directed by Maggie Inchley

Casting Off

The craft and joy that soap writers used to provide is no longer with us. The manner, beauty and poetry of ordinary life - which, from time to time, rewarded us with something uncommonly special - has been lost, to be replaced by the big businesses that we allow to lurch forever onwards towards the next money-spinning, heavily trailed murder, assault, man-made disaster or breakfast-chat-show settee appearance.

Our self belief and our faith - wherever it may lie - is being changed before our eyes.

  • Alasdair MacEwen
  • Caroline Duffy
  • Charles Delaney
  • Doris Zajer
  • Leah Grayson
  • Suzanna Walters

Pete Stephenson
Pete has written satirical sketches for radio (BBC Radio 4's "This Week"), comedy sketches for ITV1 (first series of "Shoot The Writers"), and has sketches featured in the topical, weekly fringe show "The News Revue." Amongst other work currently being undertaken are longer, satirical and political pieces for another stage revue, currently in production. Pete is part of the Warehouse Theatre Croydon's Writers' Workshop, and is independently working on a full-length stage play, which should go into production next year. Also a composer, Pete's original music has featured in corporate productions (in a boardroom near you) and some radio advertisements.

Maggie Inchley
Maggie Inchley is a graduate of the Mountview Acadamy directing course. Last year her production of Edward Albee's "The Zoo Story" won the Acting Excellence award at the Edinburgh Festival. Maggie will be taking two productions to Edinburgh this year: Sam Shepard's "True West", and "Superheroes", a new play by David Spicer based on the protest group "Fathers for Justice". Previous productions include "Life x 3" by Yasmina Reza at The Cockpit, Howard Brenton's "Bloody Poetry", and David Edgar's "Nicholas Nickleby".

Big Brother - Final Destination

Written by Suzy Enoch
Directed by Shaun Nethercott

Big Brother

Big Brother-Final Destination shows us the next stage in Reality Television. Imagine the contestants are not playing for something they want, but something they need, where we as "the voting public" decide who deserves to live or die, where what someone does in their life determines how valuable they are.

In this house all the contestants are ill, and the ultimate prize is the medical treatment they need.


  • Cast:
  • Jayne Tarbuck
  • Matt Sheahan
  • Shaun Nethercott
  • Tamara Gatward (now known as Tamara Lucas)
  • Theresa Brunskill

Suzy Enoch
Suzy Enoch has written plays, short stories, poems and sketches ever since she was a child at the tender age of 5, all of which have been relegated to a large box with the sticker "Must do something with when I have time" on top. Now at the tender age of 27 and finding herself in possession of a theatre company, she realised that if she were to have something produced there would be no better time than this, so, still having no time at all, she drank a huge amount of coffee and wrote a play.

Shaun Nethercott
Shaun trained as an actor at Italia Conti and this is Shaun’s professional directorial debut. Previously he spent several years directing amateur productions throughout the south west. Amongst these productions were "Miss Julie", "A Street Car Named Desire" and "Whose Life Is It Anyway" at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter.


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